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Manufacturing: Reshoring to multi-sourcing?

The shock brought by the pandemic is liberating firms to make numerous experiments. Some will fail, while others will succeed. This creates a tipping point for a long overdue conversation about new business models in advanced manufacturing and supply chains. As organizations settle into either a new normal or plan their return to pre-pandemic operations, the

Are Global Value Chains being Reconfigured?

Global value chains (GVCs) are the lifeblood of the world’s economy, accounting for more than two-thirds of global trade. GVCs have been one of the primary driving forces behind an economic escalator that has delivered many of the past century’s most extraordinary gains. Complex, multiechelon GVCs have grown exponentially since the 1990s and, today, are

Is De-Growth the new mantra – Beyond GDP?

Humans think of themselves as the world’s apex predators. But sars-cov-2 shows how people can also end up as prey. Viruses have caused a litany of modern pandemics, from covid-19, to hiv/aids to the influenza outbreak in 1918-20. A group of economists and anthropologists have converged on a way to address both climate and ecological

India’s e-commerce to reach $100 Billion (FY’20) in the New World Order?

It is sometimes said that governments wasted the global financial crisis of 2007-09 by failing to alter economic policy after the dust settled. Nobody will say the same about the covid-19 pandemic. It has led to a scramble to ratify policies that only a few months ago were either unimaginable. A profound shift is now

The new era of Cold War is here?

US and China: Well,  the new era of Cold war has begun. We are seeing the end of globalization and the beginning of a cold war between the US and China. We can probably see new lines been drawn and trade being done between friendly countries and similar regimes. Democracy vs. Totalitarian State. US and

Is Corona Virus the new Leader in the De-Globalised World?

Well we like it or not, but Corona Virus is leading the world right now. US’ reluctance to a leadership role and China which had a great opportunity to show the world that they not only have developed the economic muscle but also the magnanimity needed to assist from the pandemic has failed. Even before