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Media Coverage: Mr. Anish Narang (M.D, Karavan Advisory quoted by Bloomberg Tax) : Gift Smuggling Dries Up in Mumbai as Alibaba Vendors Squeezed

Courier goods to Mumbai port fell 55% in early 2019 on tougher enforcement Could hurt sites like Alibaba, but some want more action to stop tax fraud Goods smuggled tax-free through foreign e-commerce platforms into one of India’s busiest ports of entry have dropped sharply after a recent crackdown, prompting business groups to urge the

Press: The strategy to position Yerba Mate Argentina in India advances supported by Karavan Advisory Enterprises LLP

The strategy of increasing the volume of shipments of Yerba Mate Argentina to India continues to take firm steps, starting with the task begun towards the end of 2016 with an exploratory work commissioned by the INYM to the consultancy “Karavan Advisory Enterprises”. “In India we are taking the first steps that we believe are the

Yerba Mate presented during the Celebration of The National Day of Argentina at Taj Mansingh Hotel, Delhi

May 24, 2019 Karavan Advisory Enterprises in association with The Argentine Embassy and Sunshine Tea presented Yerba Mate during the celebration of The National Day of Argentina at Taj Mansingh Hotel, Delhi. (Credits: Argentine Embassy, New Delhi & Sunshine Tea)

Media Coverage: Mr. Anish Narang (M.D, Karavan Advisory quoted by Bloomberg Tax) : India Plans Offensive Against E-Commerce Tax Avoiders

India’s plans to crack down on tax avoidance by online vendors could raise costs for foreign ecommerce sites as they compete to tap into the country’s multibillion-dollar marketplace. One of the government’s proposals, outlined in Feb. 23 draft policy, would require all foreign e-commerce sites, such as Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., to register as business

January 2019: Karavan displays Yerba Mate at the Argentina Gastronomy Week at Taj.

Yerba Mate defines the nation’s public life just as significantly as the masala chai shapes the Indian consciousness. Karavan is working on bringing this staple drink to India with the hopes of bringing Argentina closer to the Indian consumer. Along with the most popular, Pure Mate, four other blends were available for the convenience of the Indian

Karavan launches The KF Trade (Karavan Free Trade): A B2B Platform for Exports & Imports

Launching The Karavan Free Trade (KF Trade) platform for SMEs (India and Americas): Karavan Free Trade is an Online B2B marketplace for SME’s (Small & Medium Enterprises) to conduct business globally and participate in the global value-chain (India and Americas). Our goal is to ensure a seamless process for exports/imports engaging in international markets and operating